Cattle on Farm

At Baggie's Deli in Singapore we source a number if different steaks from suppliers we trust. Here's the low down on our favourite steak!

There are lots of different types of steak, the type can vary by cut, but also by other factors such as breed or how the cattle are raised.

What is the difference between grass-fed and grain-fed steak?

Steak from cattle that are reared on pasture only are described as grass-fed. This is where the cattle are raised on natural pasture all their lives. Cattle can also be grain-fed or grain-finished, which means the cattle were fed on grains such as soy, corn or wheat for most or some of their lives. Grain-fed cattle will reach maturity much more quickly due to the additional calories in their diet and so can mean a cheaper steak for sale.

Whilst all beef is highly nutritious. Grass-fed beef has much higher levels of omega 3 fatty acids (up to 5 times). Grass-fed beef is also less fatty than the equivalent grain-fed steak. If the increase in nutrients and lower fat is important to you then grass-fed steak is the one for you.

How the breed of cattle impacts the taste of your steak

Tomahawk Steak Singapore Cooked

Another consideration is the breed of cattle. Wagyu is now very well known. The breed is famous for having a lot more fat and marbling through the steak cuts. The fat also melts at a lower temperature, giving a much softer buttery texture and taste.

The cut of your beef steak also causes huge variance in the piece of meat that makes it onto your plate. Ribeye steak has a high fat content, and with more marbling than other leaner cuts of steak, and more fat equals more flavour.

The fillet or tenderloin steak is the leanest cut of meat. It has very little fat and so for those who are on a diet or do not enjoy the fattier cuts then this is definitely the one for you.

Sirloin steak is a middle ground between the fillet and the ribeye. It has a lot less fat than ribeye but is not as lean as the fillet so still has a delicious flavour.


My favourite steak to cook at home in Singapore

Choosing your favourite steak cut is very subjective. My choice, if I can choose just one (I love so many), would be grass-fed ribeye steak. It's naturally reared, but still got delicious fatty flavour in there. Many love Wagyu, but for my tastes it is too fatty and rich tasting. The grass-fed ribeye is the winner! (Grass-fed Sirloin steak is a close second)

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