Wow your friends with a biltong cake!

The following steps will give you easy instructions on making your own biltong cake. The biltong cake contains meat only, so is perfect for keto or low carb diets or for those favouring sweets over savoury.

Biltong Cake for Keto celebrations


Tips before starting

  1. Make sure your tiered bowls have straight sides, so it is easier to place the Droewors sticks.
  2. Make sure your tiered bowls have a diameter variance of at least 6cm to ensure there is space to place sliced biltong.
  3. You can decide to have the bowls placed open or closed. Open will mean there is space for more sliced biltong.
  4. If you cannot get elastic tape then string will suffice, however it will be a bit trickier as you will need to loosen the string as you place the Droewors edging.
  5. We used Droewors for the lower cake tier and Cabanossi for the upper tier, however you could choose to have both tiers in either Droewors or Cabanossi.

Prepare the cake base

  1. Take your large plastic bowl and tape the bowl securely to the cake base.
  2. Take the smaller plastic bowl and tape securely in the centre of the large plastic bowl.
  3. Check that the cake bowls are securely fixed to the bake base.
  4. Cut elastic tape to 40cm length, and tie at a 37cm circumference
  5. Cut elastic tape to 23cm length and tie at a 20 cm circumference
  6. Place the elastic tape around the respective cake tier

Create your biltong cake

  1. Take your full length Droewors and cut to the height of the lower cake base (add some additional height if desired)
  2. Take the cut Droewors and place inside the elastic loop, until the Droewors fills the entire cake bowl circumference
  3. Take your full length Cabanossi and cut to the height of the second tier cake bowl (add some additional height if desired)
  4. Take the cut Cabanossi and place inside the elastic loop, until the Cabanossi fills the entire cake bowl circumference
  5. Check both tiers and adjust or add any final sticks, and move the elastic bands to be centred vertically
  6. Take your sliced biltong and place within the 2 tiers and inside the second tier bowl
  7. Take any remaining Droewors and Cabanossi and chop these into small bite-size pieces and place in with the sliced Biltong
  8. Cut a ribbon length for the two cake tiers, if you want to tie with a bow then cut a longer length of string
  9. For each cake tier, tie the ribbon tightly around the tier in the same place as the elastic band so it is concealed


  • Cake base
  • Plastic bowl 19cm diameter 
  • Plastic bowl 10cm diameter
  • Elastic tape
  • Decorative ribbon
  • Cellotape
  • Scissors


  • 700g Droewors (Full length)
  • 500g Cabanossi (Full length)
  • 500g Sliced Biltong