Nothing is more exciting than planning a delicious Christmas meal with your family! With so many recipe ideas, we're here to suggest our favourites. 

First of all - you need to decide on the style of the meal. Is it going to be fish or meat based? Are you going to do a traditional wine pairing or spice things up with creative cocktails? In either case, we've got you covered. 

1. Start with some artisanal appetisers that require minimal prep

We love these artichokes that are imported directly from Spain. All it takes to serve them is to place them on a bigger plate! Complement them with some zesty olives and caramelised peppers for a European inspired spread. Add some Ina Paarman Sundried tomatoes and naturally, some Baggie's cured meats and your grazing table is taken care of. 

Pair the appetisers with this Chenin Blanc from Wellington (SA)

2. Then, wow your family with a Tomahawk

This cut of beef has a big advantage: it doesn't require lots of prep. Just use a dry rub like this one, let it sit for a couple of hours, then grill it on the stove or BBQ thanks to this recipe. It's best to choose simple sides such as grilled vegetables to let the meat really shine!

Pair the meat course with this Totus Coffee Pinotage

3. It's cheese time!

After the big steak, we love having a round of cheese. This fresh arrival to our store is perfect especially if you grill it for 2 minutes on each side: greek Talagani cheese is similar to halloumi in texture, but it holds to better when grilled and has a better melt. Serve with figs in balsamic and Mrs Ball Peach chutney

Pair the cheese course with this Sweet Merlot from central Drakensberg (SA)

4. End the meal with fun desserts

Small and big kids will appreciate having popcorn for dessert, especially if it's salted caramel flavoured. To balance the rich flavours of this meal, now is a good time to take a dry apple Genie kombucha out of the fridge! And for the traditionalists, make a cup of caffeine-free rooibos hot tea (or a strong coffee after all the wine!) before the poker tournaments can begin. 


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