Boerewors is a type of sausage that originates from South Africa. Some people say it's South Africa's version of Germany's bratwurst sausage.

The name Boerewors comes from the language Afrikaans, and translates literally to "farmers sausage". Traditionally a farmer choosing the best pieces of meat for himself and before sending the rest off for sale, and from this he would make Boerewors.

Boerewors is most often made with a mix of meats, commonly Beef and Pork. Boerewors has some specific rules for its composition, mainly that it must be a minimum of 90% meat, containing little or zero fillers. Other types of sausages contain a lot less meat than that, for example a normal sausage only needs to contain 75% meat!

Boerewors spicing is mainly comprised of Coriander, Pepper and Cloves for its aromatic and tasty flavour. It is believed the recipe came from early migrants coming to South Africa who came from the Netherlands.

At Baggie's we have a number of different types of Boerewors, the traditional pork and beef mix, a chill version, a 100% beef version (made from Halal products), and these come in both spiral and sausage form.

Boerewors is perfect on your barbeque or braai as they call it in South Africa. Braai directly translates to "grill" in Afrikaans and the braai is a very big part of South African culture and lifestyle. If you were to ask a South African what is unique to South Africa, they would most likely say boerewors and biltong!